Dr. Joep

Hi there! I am Joep, 35 years old. I studied Medicine in Groningen, a city in the northern part of the Netherlands (a must-visit!). During my studies, I did internships in both South Africa and Curaçao, which made me realize how important it is to have access to a general practitioner while abroad.

As a general practitioner, I enjoy guiding people, without telling them where to go. Reaching out to people in a way that suits their needs and fits their personality. I enjoy the simple light questions and cherish the moments that I can be there for people in harder moments of life. I believe that everybody needs a hug regularly, and I see in daily life that so many did not get the basics growing up.

I enjoy the encounters with ridiculous problems within our healthcare system, trying to solve them a bit with innovative projects.

Will you help me make this practice even better, more enjoyable, or more beautiful? Thanks!

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Dr. Tirza

Once upon a time in the heart of Curaçao, a vibrant and curious soul named Tirza was born (now 33 years old). Raised in Willemstad, her early love for medicine led her to Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands.

Beyond textbooks, Tirza danced through life, finding joy in dance, watersports, yoga, and travel. However, the beat of curiosity never faded. Tirza embarked on a PhD adventure from 2016 until 2022 when she defended her PhD “Opportunities within and after rehabilitation for patients with hearing loss”. She presented her findings at conferences in Italy, California, and more, making waves in the academic sea.

Balancing academia with diverse experiences, Tirza worked in various areas, including surgery and the ear- nose- and throat department before she embarked with the General Practitioners training. She balanced the serious with the fun, volunteering at festivals, spreading awareness about hearing protection, and sharing her love for health.

Today, Tirza is more than a General Practitioner; she’s a storyteller, a dancer, and an adventurer— Empathetic, eager to learn, and a team player, she’s not just healing bodies but also inspiring hearts!

And so, the tale of Tirza continues—a GP who dances through life with a stethoscope in one hand and a passport in the other.

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Dr. Bram

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Dr. Thomas

Hey there! Meet Dr. Thomas, your health guide in the Netherlands. Also a proud graduate of Groningen University, he studied together with Joep. He’s got your back when it comes to navigating the Dutch healthcare maze.

Working in a unique hospital within a jail, Dr. Thomas is all about keeping you on the right track, no matter the health challenge. He gets that the Dutch healthcare system can be tricky, and he’s here to simplify it for you.

Friendly and experienced, Dr. Thomas is your go-to for any health queries or concerns. Don’t let confusion hold you back—reach out to Dr. Thomas and conquer the Dutch healthcare journey together!

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