Digital first

We work online. Because you are experienced users of the web, we decided to ‘cancel’ the phone line. We only use this ancient, but reliable, method for very urgent situations.

You can get in touch with your doctor via our brand-new website. It’s as simple as starting a conversation. After registration, you can log in and…

start a conversation with an experienced doctor.

schedule your call me back appointments.

book a physical consultation.

repeat prescriptions.

Our homebase

We are located in the city centre of The Hague

Nieuwe Uitleg 29
The Hague Get me there

Good to know

You can reach us by starting a conversation via our chat, after login.

Starting a conversation is the way to get in touch with us. We don’t use e-mail or direct phone contact, because we can’t play chess on three boards (wish we could though!).

Good to know: the chat is not suitable for urgent medical questions.

Direct contact by phone is only possible in very urgent situations. Our emergency number can be found after login.

The emergency line is available only for life-threatening situations. If this is not the case we kindly ask you to reach us by starting a conversation.

We strive to answer your questions as soon as we can. Normally this can take up to 24 hours, sometimes a bit longer.

We would love to talk to you right away, but as a start-up, we need some time to get there. Available doctors are becoming a rare breed, so sometimes we need a bit more time. We are Aiming to be faster every day.

Only registered patients get access to our healthcare and our emergency line.

By growing slowly but steady, we can guarantee the highest quality healthcare you want. That’s why only after a full registration we can start guiding you through the Dutch healthcare jungle.