Access to our healthcare services is granted only after completing the registration process in full. After your initial registration, we will review your application, and depending on availability we will send you an e-mail with confirmation of registration.

Once registered, you’ll have access to our digital platform for scheduling appointments and communicating with our medical team.

The Student Doctors follow a digital-first approach. After logging in, you can start a conversation through our secure platform to discuss your medical concerns with our team. We prefer online contact, but some problems are better discussed in person via a call me back appointment or a physical appointment.

Yes, after logging in, you have the option to schedule a “Call Me Back” appointment. Our medical team will contact you at the agreed time to address your medical queries.

To schedule a physical appointment, log in to our platform and request an appointment. Our medical team will review and approve your request based on medical necessity.

Our physical appointments take place at the following address: Nieuwe Uitleg 29. For directions, click here. Access is only granted if you have an appointment.

No, access to the clinic is granted only to patients with scheduled appointments.

Upon confirmation of your appointment, you will receive an email with a code to open the clinic’s door. Proceed to the end of the hallway and make yourself comfortable while waiting for the doctor.

In case of life-threatening situations, please call 112. In case of a very urgent, but not life-threatening situation, call us on the emergency line provided after login. Head to appointments, call the number and press 1 to reach our emergency line.

Payment procedures vary depending on your healthcare insurance provider.

We will take care of your administrative hassles. We will always send the invoice directly to your insurance provider. If the provider does not pay us directly, we ask you to pay the invoice. We will provide you with a payment link and an invoice. You can reimburse the costs, please follow the instructions of your healthcare insurance provider.

  • We work together with Insure to Study 🙂
  • We accept the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Make sure you send us a copy of your EHIC.

Doctor consultations are billed based on the amount of time spent on healthcare-related questions during the conversation, whether online or in person.

You can request repeat prescriptions through the form provided after logging in. Please attach a photo of the medication box for clarity and include the original prescription. If you don’t have a prescription, an in-person consultation is required before we can prescribe any medication.

Only for urgent medical care after hours, you can contact HADOKS at 070 346 9669. Please use this service only if your complaints cannot wait until regular office hours.

We appreciate your feedback! You can share your thoughts via the different feedback buttons, or just click here.

To streamline communication and maintain simplicity, we use starting a conversation on our digital platform as our primary communication channel. This allows us to keep all interactions in one place.

It is possible to register with any Dutch healthcare insurance provider. Regulations are different though. You need to be within a 20-minute drive from our physical address.

We are open from 08:00 – 17:00, Monday through Friday. Conversations are answered within 12 hours or faster.

We would love to talk to you right away, but as a start-up, we need some time to get there. So for now we will respond within 12 hours. Aiming to be faster every day.

During weekends we are in chill mode. So if you send us a message on Friday after 14:00, we wil respond to you on Monday. For urgent situations you can reach us until 17:00 off course.

The Student Doctors is an initiative to provide international students with healthcare that is tough to find in The Netherlands. With a digital-first approach, we aim to answer your healthcare-related questions online and see you in person when necessary. Being a start-up we start with a closely guarded pack of colleagues. We aim to grow slowly, so we can guarantee the high quality that we stand for.

At the start, we have a response time of 12 hours. It’s a bit long, we know. As we grow we will be able to increase the flock of doctors. Meaning that we will be able to answer your questions faster every day. Our goal in the near future is to help you within minutes after you start a conversation.

We will introduce new features regularly, and we kindly ask you to provide us with all the feedback you got. Hiccups are part of the journey and are to be expected, we thank you in advance for being patient with us.

After logging in, you can get in touch with us by starting a conversation. An available doctor will answer your question, upon which your conversation starts. It’s as simple as WhatsApp, both you and the doctor can be online or offline. You can share documents, photos, or pdf’s.

Soon you can choose which doctor you want to talk to based on what language they speak, their medical expertise, and more.

We are currently only situated in The Hague, but aim to open hubs in the bigger Student Cities.

So keep an eye on us!

Of course, enjoy the read!

Privacy Statement

At The Student Doctors, we are dedicated to preserving your privacy, and this statement outlines how we manage your personal data. Our data processing adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the corresponding Dutch implementing law, and all applicable healthcare privacy regulations, including the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO).


At The Student Doctors, we may process various types of your personal data. This is essential for appropriate medical treatment and necessary for handling treatment-related financial matters. Moreover, data processing might be required to address severe health threats or fulfill legal obligations (e.g., mandatory reporting of infectious diseases under the Public Health Act).

Additionally, we process non-identifying patient information, such as details about care provision and service usage. This information is not shared with other parties. This data is used exclusively in aggregated or pseudonymized forms to develop and optimize care methods, processes, and solutions.


As per the GDPR, The Student Doctors is the data controller for the processing occurring within our premises. We adhere to the following obligations:

Your data is processed for specific purposes:

  • Providing healthcare
  • Communicating with you
  • Efficiently managing The Student Doctors, including financial settlement
  • Maintaining quality standards (unless you object)
  • Supporting scientific research, education, and information (unless you object)

Processing for other purposes is minimal. Legitimate interest-based processing is limited to aggregated or pseudonymized data. We notify you when processing your personal data, through your care provider, informational materials, and our website. All staff members are committed to maintaining your data’s confidentiality. We employ robust security measures to prevent unauthorized data access. Personal data retention aligns with healthcare requirements, typically up to 20 years after the last treatment, unless prolonged retention is necessary for health reasons.

Data is processed primarily for medical treatment and legal obligations. Some processing is based on legitimate interests, and certain data might be processed with your consent.

Your Data Rights

As a data subject, you hold the following rights:

The right to know whether your personal data is processed and the extent of processing. The right to access and rectify data (without infringing on others’ privacy). The right to request partial or complete destruction of medical data, subject to legal considerations. The right to add a medical self-declaration to your file. The right to limit processing and object in specific cases. The right to withdraw consent for processing based on consent. The right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

To exercise these rights, contact us verbally or in writing. You can also designate a representative to act on your behalf.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

The Student Doctors staff is bound by confidentiality. Explicit permission is required for sharing personal data with third parties, with exceptions under specific circumstances. Some data exchanges occur for healthcare provision purposes, such as sharing data with pharmacists and other healthcare providers.

We collaborate with service providers for tasks like using a general practitioner information system, governed by processing agreements adhering to GDPR guidelines.

Data Exchange

With your explicit consent, we securely exchange relevant medical data with the general practitioner (HAP) via the National Exchange Point or other suitable services. This ensures coordinated healthcare provision. Medication data might also be shared with pharmacies and medical specialists, promoting medication safety.

File Transfer

When you choose a new healthcare provider, your medical history is crucial. Your old provider typically transfers your patient file to the new one within one month. You have the right to inspect and receive a copy of your file, and it can be transferred via secure email.

Questions or Concerns?

For questions or concerns about data sharing or management, including medical data handling, your healthcare provider is available for discussion.

Contact Information

The Student Doctors, Nieuwe Uitleg 29 2514BR The Hague

We are delighted to welcome you to The Student Doctors’ family and provide you with excellent healthcare services. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our digital platform.